Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Break Three-fer:  Songs That Make My Daughter Uncomfortable When I Sing Them

Coming home from a Thanksgiving visit to the folks in Jefferson City, Maly drove and let me DJ up front.  For the most part, we enjoyed the same songs, but there were a few that made for some awkward moments when she had to hear me singing them.  So, here are three songs that I love that made my daughter squirm:

1."Kiss You All Over" - Exile

I remember being about her age when this song came out and I remember having a similar reaction to it.  Admittedly, it's a little creepy and even more so when you're mother is singing it.  Over the years I've grown to appreciate this song more for it's musical value and mood, but I gotta admit - it's still a little creepy.

2.  "Jungle Love" - The Time

"Ya wanna make love or what? Oh we oh we oh."

 'Nuf said.

3.   "Lose Yourself: - Eminem

Apparently, "rapping" isn't as "cool" when you can only catch every third word.

"(nuh) palms are sweaty, (ne heh, ah) are heavy
(deh) vomit on his sweater (ah hea), mom's spaghetti"

You get the idea.  If only I was dedicated enough to learn to nail this one.  It would be so bad.  Quit laughing, Maly.