Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thursday Three-fer: My Senior Year

Last weekend's high school graduation festivities and looking at the pictures from the graduating seniors high school years got me thinking about my own high school years.  So this Thursday Three-fer is in honor of the year of my high school graduation - 1982.  I don't need to know if you weren't even born then.  You missed out.  I wear my 1982 crown proudly.  Today's three-fers didn't necessarily come out in 1982, but they are all songs that bring me back to my senior year in high school.

1.  I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross
 I got my first job at Garner's Drive-In during my junior year and continued to work there, even summers when I would come home from college.  We had so much fun working there, mostly because of our  upbeat and funny boss, Kenny Garner.  Friday and Saturday nights, the music would blare at Garner's and it kept us pumped when we got slammed.  I still remember seeing Kenny at the grill dancing and flipping burgers.  He loved this song and it always makes me think of him and those days whenever I hear it.

2. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
I've never been a Genesis or Phil Collins fan, but it's hard not to like this one.  This was definitely a cruising song and brings back memories of a car full of kids, all air drumming at the appropriate moment.  For some reason, this song reminds me of the Eureka Springs cemetery and nights spent looking for the haunted doll who would supposedly move her eyes (?).  I don't really remember the whole story, and I don't even remember if I actually ever saw said doll, but I remember that the idea of it was the perfect amount of creepiness to keep bored teenagers entertained on a Saturday night.

3.  How 'Bout Us - Champaign
I can't talk about my senior year in high school without talking about my high school sweetheart, let's call him Chris M.  Oh my.  I spent more time with that boy than anyone else that year.  There are a handful of sappy songs from that time that bring back all the intensity of young love, and this is one of them.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Thursday Three-fer: The Backup Singers

I finally got around to watching "20 Feet From Stardom" the other night.  That's the documentary about some legendary backup singers and their lives and dreams.  So great, the movie and the music.  And that movie inspired this week's Thursday Three-fer.  Here are three really good songs, and the backup performances make them great.

1.  Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
This song was featured prominently in the movie, and for good reason.  I love Mick, but Merry Clayton knocks this one out of the park.  What a great song.

2.  Running on Empty - Jackson Browne
This one wasn't in the movie, but it's such a good one and such great backup vocals.  I was a big Jackson Browne fan and then he just kind of went away.  But I have a handful of songs from him that I'm so glad to know.

3.  Givin' It Up For Your Love - Delbert McClinton
Givin' it up for the male backup singers.  In the movie, nearly all the backup singers interviewed were women and that's what we think of when we imagine a backup singer.  But these dudes rock it! This song wouldn't be nearly as fun with just Delbert singing.