Monday, June 15, 2015

Thursday Three-fer: My Sister's Place

Just spent a few days at my sister's house in Minnesota.  That visit inspired today's Thursday Three-fer.  My oldest sister is about 12 years older than me, so she left home when I was just six years old.  When she got married a few years after that, I would often go spend the night at her and Dave's place.  One of my favorite things to do on those visits was to go through her record collection.  Of course the album covers were fascinating in themselves, but one of my favorite parts of the albums were when the lyrics were written out and you could listen to the music and follow along with every song, even the ones you didn't know well.  I did a lot of singing along with those albums.  Here are three songs that remind me most of those days.

1. Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Abbey Road (Beatles)
I spent many days listening to and looking at Abbey Road.  Phenomenal.  Although this song is not my favorite from the album, I think it's the one that most intrigued me as a kids.  Both silly and light, yet dark and disturbing.  I appreciated that tension.  I don't really understand this song, but it brings back a lot of memories.

2. So Far Away - Tapestry (Carole King)
I wasn't yet a woman and I knew nothing of the heartache she sings about in this song.  But this album and song gave me some real insight into what it would all be like.  She was right.  Great stuff.

3.  Candle in the Wind - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)
I remember liking most every song on this very long album.  I'm hesitant to choose this one because it seems to have been overdone - remade for Princess Diana and way overplayed.  But this song version was so simple and beautiful and heartfelt and personal.  I didn't know much about Marilyn, so many of the things I do know about her came from this song.  Even at my young age, I really got this song.


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