Thursday, April 16, 2015

Awesome Mix Vol. 2 and the Introduction of 'Thursday Three-fers'

I've spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about the follow-up to my vol. 1 mix list.  Way too many awesome songs, how do you pick twelve?  Or twenty?  or fifty?  Too big of a task.  So I came up with a brilliant idea - break my list up into tiny lists of three.   So, I'll be posting a list of three songs every Thursday.  I know, I know, Thursday's already a busy day with the throwbacks thing, but  Thursday Three-fers will be an extension of that - three songs that I love that have something in common.

This week's three-fer is in honor of Rod Stewart.

1.  Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - This song was so taboo for me, a naive little Christian school girl who was no where near real sex, or anything close to it, happening.  This song also seemed an afront to my religious beliefs.  Then why did I love it so?  I can't explain it or justify why I still love it today, and I'm not going to try.  Yes, 70's, androgynous, freaky, Rod Stewart - I do think your sexy!

2.  Tonight's the Night - The 70's was a time when singers had no problem telling us pretty blantantly about their sexual exploits and desires.  It was the time of 'Chevy Van,' 'Afternoon Delight' (ok, not so blatant, but we all knew what it meant), the Pina Colada song, and the like.  Not the obnoxious, in your face kind of sexual (ala 80's hair bands).  More the creepy, "lover" kind of stuff (ala Will Farrell's Professor character from Saturday Night Live).  This song was neither of those.  No doubt what's gonna happen tonight for Rod.  Still makes me swoon everytime I hear it.  And it has a killer opening riff.

3.  Maggie May - Matt always poo poos this song.  I don't even know what to do with that, but shake my head and love him anyway.   It is one of my all-time favorites.  Although this song isn't completely about sex, it is about a strong desire that I couldn't even imagine as a sweet and innocent junior high girl.  But I was intrigued and moved by it, and so wanted to be Maggie May.  Also, just a great, catchy song.


Blogger dpemble said...

Didn't know you were such a Rod Stewart fan. Maggie May would have to top my list. Would also include Every Picture tells a story and Reason to believe. Rod made several albums covering the classics. Love me some classics and love Rod!

8:28 AM  
Blogger MaryEllen Sears said...

Wouldn't say I was a huge Rod Stewart fan. Loved him in the 70s, but didn't get very excited about much of his stuff later in his career. I think I more loved the naughtiness of him and his songs. When he got less naughty, I wasn't as interested.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Matt Sears said...

And that's when I stepped in . . .

11:52 PM  

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