Thursday, July 02, 2015

Thursday Three-fer: Bitch, I'm Madonna

Madonna.  The year I ventured out on my own was the year Madonna was making a name for herself.  She changed the music and fashion world and had a big influence on me.  Actually, she was like a troubled big sister (that I never met) and it's been interesting that as we've grown older together I've gone through many phases in my relationship with Madonna.  I've alternately loved her, admired her, been embarrassed by her, dismissed her, pitied her, forgotten about her, been defensive of her, and appreciated her.  During my phase of rebellion from the church, I loved the way she would be like, "Watch me make the Christians freak out."  Boom!  Sure enough, right on cue, freaking out ensued.  What power she had.  I think the title of her new song so encapsulates who Madonna is for me.  All the cameo appearances in the video are fun, although the song leaves a lot to be desired.  To find the Madonna songs that I love, I had to go way back.  And choosing three was hard, but here are the ones I'm going with.

1.  Borderline

With Madonna, It's hard to differentiate between the song and the video.  Her videos are really what endeared me to her.  This video came before the boob cones, carved arm muscles, and sex books.  I have no delusions that she was a sweet little girl at this time in her life, but this video shows such a sweet time in her career.  You watch this video and there's no denying it - this girl is cool.

2. Dress You Up
Such a fun song.  The original video was pretty lame, so I went in search of another live performance and found this one.  This was a live performance from 2009 when she would have been 51, my age.  I watched this and had a huge appreciation moment for this woman.  What a rush that would be to be her age and still killing it on stage.

3.   Vogue
A piece of art.  Great song.  Beautiful video.  And boob cones.  Yes!


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